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Like the fine mist of a soothing waterfall Essential Spritzers add nature to the energy that surrounds you!

Indulge yourself in Essential Spritzers!

You'll prefer these clean fresh natural organic water-based spritzers to chemical room deodorizers.

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Essential Oils have been used around the world for centuries. These extracts of plants,
seeds, flowers, fruits, stems, leaves, bark and roots are powerful ingredients of nature.
They refresh, renew, cleanse, purify, relax, and stimulate. They are Nature's gifts to us!

Combined with purified water in fine mist spray bottles, Essential Spritzers feel like the
fine mist of a waterfall dancing gently on the face. Light, fragrant, revitalizing! Designed
by specific purpose, different oils are used for face and body, car and home, sanitizing after
children & pets, protecting from parasites & pests, cleansing the air, and uplifting energy.
All with natural, pure organic high-quality medicinal-grade oils. To be used freely, as desired.

Each Essential Spritzer is made fresh and shipped within 2 days.

Great for using around smelly places, pets and people! Keep handy for the loo,
car, mudroom, pet areas, office & locker room! Spritz generously and frequently!
You too may find Essential Spritzers are essential!

1. Lavender Spritzer
For Face & Body

Lavender helps in calming nerves & fears,
may aid in sleeping, is cleansing & toning
and a relaxing refreshing sensual fragrance.

  4 oz. $10.00

2. Rose Absolute Spritzer
For Face & Body

Rose is valued for igniting passion with its
pure sensual fragrance. Refreshing, toning,
and purifying, it relieves anxiety & stress.

  4 oz. $10.00

3. Spearmint Air Spritzer
Purify, Protect, Revitalize!

Spearmint reduces morning sickness for
pregnant women. It is milder and more
herbal compared to sweeter peppermint.

  4 oz. $10.00

4. Lavender Eucalyptus
Peppermint Air Spritzer

Lavender calms, Eucalyptus warms and
purifies, Peppermint cools, cleanses and
stimulates making a perfect air refresher.

  4 oz. $10.00

5. Rosemary Eucalyptus
Peppermint Air Spritzer

Rosemary warms, purifies, and stimulates,
Eucalyptus warms and purifies, Peppermint
cools, cleanses & stimulates. Stimulating!

  4 oz. $10.00

6. Mint In Winter Air Spritzer
Purify, Protect, Revitalize!

Peppermint cools, cleanses and stimulates,
is sweet, strong & immediate. Wintergreen
lightens, freshens & uplifts. This duo sings!

  4 oz. $10.00

7. Citrus Blend Air Spritzer
Purify, Protect, Revitalize!

Orange is sweet, Lemon, clean and Lime,
uplifting. This trio smells of summer, fills
the senses and scents the air fresh & fun.

  4 oz. $10.00

8. Sweet Flower In Winter
Body & Air Spritzer

Wintergreen's clean freshness balances a
powerful sweet Ylang Ylang in a sweet clean
body & air mix much lighter than perfume.

  4 oz. $10.00

9. Herbal Blend Air Spritzer
Purify, Protect, Revitalize!

Oregano, Sage, Thyme & Lemongrass give
a clean herbal scent that smells healing,
literally flavoring up garden goodness.

  4 oz. $10.00

10. Bug Free Spritzer
For Air & Body

Eucalyptus, Rose Geranium, & Lemongrass
combined keeps us comfortable outdoors,
smelling great and pesky bugs away!

  4 oz. $10.00

11. Tree Power Spritzer
For Air & Surface

Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Pine & Peppermint
provide cleansing and purifying for a
squeaky fresh clean and aromatic treat!

  4 oz. $10.00

12. Lovely Flower Body Spritzer
Purify, Protect, Revitalize!

Rose Geranium, Lavender and Jasmine
combine in a lovely balance of sweet,
clean and sensual like a spa in a mist.

  4 oz. $10.00

13. Lemongrass Air Spritzer
Purify, Protect, Revitalize!

Lemongrass is uplifting, purifies and is
warming but known to cool fevers and
reduce pain. Smells like never enough!

  4 oz. $10.00

14. Wintergreen Air Spritzer
Purify, Protect, Revitalize!

Wintergreen purifies, is squeaky clean fresh
and uplifting, cool as ice cold and a must in
our aromatic arsenal. Another big favorite!

  4 oz. $10.00

15. Cool Relief Body Spritzer
Purify, Protect, Revitalize!

Rose Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint &
Clary Sage relieve the heat of hot
flashes. Balancing, soothing, cooling.

  4 oz. $10.00

We are always happy to provide singles and blends for your custom orders!
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Spritz generously and frequently! You too may find Essential Spritzers are essential!

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Essential Spritzers can be easily tested for sensitivities. Spritz on the forearm (with palm up)
and wait 20 minutes. No reaction, Enjoy! For any negative reaction, consult a physician.
Essential Spritzers are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.
No claims are made for medicinal healing and the FDA has not evaluated oils or any
products for such values. Info presented here is for educational purposes only.

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